100 x Disposable 9" EPS Foam Plates TP3

100 x Disposable 9" EPS Foam Plates TP3

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  • Made from polystyrene foam
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Grease-resistant
  • Convenient catering solution
  • Pack of 100 (approx.)
  • 9-inch diameter

Foam Plates for Catering Functions 

Serving food at events and functions often requires disposable plates, and these foam disposable plates are ideal for holding hot and cold food in any environment. When you choose foam plates for your event, it’s important to know they’re going to stand up to usage and provide an easy eating experience for your guests. With these disposable EPS plates, guests can easily eat their food from a clean and smooth surface before the plates are disposed of safely into the waste bin. When used properly, foam plates are a great events tool. 

Bulk Foam Plates Purchasing 

To lower costs and improve processes, buying in bulk is an excellent option for all businesses. These packages of bulk foam plates provide 100 disposable EPS plates at a time, suiting many events and providing catering businesses with a way of buying in bulk that delivers a good number of foam plates per package at a great price without purchasing more than needed. Equally, for companies and locations where foam plates are only used occasionally, these disposable EPS plates are a great option to buy and store until needed. 

Benefits of Foam Disposable Plates

When buying foam plates for any catered event, it’s important to choose disposable EPS plates with quality properties to keep your guests happy. These foam plates help to keep food warmer than cardboard alternatives thanks to the heat retaining material used. They are also stackable, meaning they’re perfect for locations like burger vans where space is at a premium. In addition, these foam disposable plates are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and durable, as well as having a naturally grease-resistant coating which helps to keep damage from the likes of oil and water to a minimum. These foam plates are perfect for companies of all shapes and sizes, along with anyone who just needs to use foam disposable plates occasionally. 

N.B. Prices can vary due to the price volatility and availability of raw materials used to produce this product. We are doing our very best to maintain as many prices as possible.