Fish & Chips Champagne Foam Meal Box TT10 (Pack of 250)

Fish & Chips Champagne Foam Meal Box TT10 (Pack of 250)

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Linpac TT10 fish & chips boxes are perfect for establishments that need a quick and practical solution for serving fish and chips to go.

  • 241 x 154 x 73mm
  • Packs of 250
  • Perfect size for portions of fish and chips

Takeaway fish & chips storage has never been easier. The Linpac TT10 fish & chips boxes are designed to store fish and chips to go whilst ensuring that it stays hot and crisp. They're ideal for restaurants and takeaways, as well as for use at home.

The Linpac TT10 fish & chips boxes are also great for restaurant owners that are often asked by customers if unfinished food can be taken home. Linpac TT10 fish & chips boxes are the ideal size for storing leftovers keeping them well protected on the customer's journey home.

These containers have a folding secure-fitting lid which reduces the chance of any spillages. For restaurants that operate solely as takeaways, it's essential that a safe and effective method is used as a method of supplying products to your customers. By choosing Linpac TT10 fish & chips boxes, you can be assured that your customers won't be disappointed by cheap and weak packaging and that they won't associate lacklustre storage solutions with your business.

The Clamshell design of these meal boxes also means that food can be eaten on the go as the box can be opened up and used as something to eat from.

N.B. Prices can vary due to the price volatility and availability of raw materials used to produce this product.