125 x Biodegradable 7" Bagasse Plates

125 x Biodegradable 7" Bagasse Plates

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Our compostable 7" Bagasse plates are a practical and environmentally friendly solution for establishments that use disposables.

  • Award winning quality  
  • Commercially compostable
  • Strong and durable
  • Biodegradable
  • Pack of 125pcs (apx.)
  • Dimensions: 18cm round
  • Microwave & Freezer safe

These compostable 7" Bagasse plate are ideal for establishments that serve food that is taken outdoors. Traditionally crockery can often be dropped and broken, especially during transport. This means that they can often be very expensive to replace, and can be a real pain for establishments who are busy and need a reliable solution. These compostable Bagasse plates are strong and sturdy enough to withstand a drop onto a hard surface. Additionally, due to the plate being disposable, it can be thrown away after use saving time and money that would be spent having to replace expensive crockery.

Our innovative compostable 7" Bagasse plate are much stronger than traditional disposable paper and polystyrene plates. They are also great for hot or cold, whilst being sturdy enough to load up with food. This property means they’re fantastic for establishments who serve food to-go or food that is taken outdoors.

These plates are made from Bagasse which is reclaimed sugarcane fibre and is tree-free, resulting in the plate being much more eco-friendly when compared to alternate disposable examples made from paper and polystyrene.