40cm 2-ply White Dinner Napkins (Pack of 125)

40cm 2-ply White Dinner Napkins (Pack of 125)

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Poppies’ White 2 Ply Dinner napkins are perfect for wiping post-dinner fingers and mouths, or for hand drying.

  • Pack of 125 (approx.)
  • 40cm x 40cm
  • 2 Ply
  • White

Poppies’ White 2 Ply dinner napkins are a fantastic way of supplying your customers with a practical and simple cleaning solution. These napkins can be used by customers to clean their hands, mouth or eating area in a quick and disposable way. Once a napkin has been used it can then be discarded and recycled. These napkins can also be used as a hand drying solution.

These particular napkins are 2 Ply which is great for one time use. The 40 x 40 cm design is big enough to be unfolded and used as a tool of catching any food that would have fallen onto your customers clothes. Coming in packs of 125, these napkins offer fantastic value for money.

Whether you run a café, restaurant, bar or takeaway, these napkins have plenty of practical uses. If your establishment sells food to go, these napkins can be supplied with any food or drinks you sell. On the other hand, if you run a bar that sells beverages, these napkins can be supplied with the drink to keep the users hands dry and protected. Additionally, these napkins can be a great way of drying surfaces if anything is split or there is any food mess.