Bettina 3pc Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloths

Bettina 3pc Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloths

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  • Pack of 3 cloths
  • Ultra plush material
  • Dusts, buffs and shines
  • Assorted colours

The Bettina Microfibre Cloths are ultra plush which is great for cleaning surfaces that are more prone to scratches. They're ideal for cleaning and polishing items around the house where harsh chemicals aren't wanted.

This is a 3-pack with assorted colours. The cloths are great for dusting, buffing and shining surface areas, and are especially great for areas that need a softer touch but still need cleaning. The Bettina Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloths can be used to remove dust, dirt, grime and other general debris expected to collect on household objects. The cloths leave a smear-free finish.

The cloths are an absorbent material. The cloths can also be used wet to dry when cleaning your home, car, workplace, or even professional surfaces. They are gentle, lint and scratch-free. Great for casual cleaning and a more intense, deep clean, these Microfibre cloths make it easier than ever to clean around the house. They cut down on the use of harsh chemicals, leaving your environment clean without the smell or residue of strong-smelling chemicals.