"Economy" 9-Compartment Punjabi Thali Reusable Plastic Food Tray

"Economy" 9-Compartment Punjabi Thali Reusable Plastic Food Tray

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Our reusable "Economy" range 9 section food Punjabi "Thali" trays are ideal for use in catering events and buffets.

  • 9" x 12"
  • Pack of 25 or Case of 200
  • 9 compartment design
  • Material: Reusable Plastic
  • Colour: White

Our reusable 9 section food trays are perfect for use in restaurants that often display various sauces, appetisers and other small edibles. A 9 compartment design means that different food items can be displayed separately without them touching or mixing. Whether you’re a restaurant that serves delicious spicy curry or fiery Mexican, these 9 compartment food trays are a must have.

N.B. Prices can vary due to the price volatility and availability of raw materials used to produce this product.