Disposable Round 4.5" Reusable Plastic Bowl AD14

Disposable Round 4.5" Reusable Plastic Bowl AD14

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Our disposable round 4.5" reusable bowls are great for use in catering events and buffets.

  • Packs of 50
  • Made from high quality food grade plastic
  • Perfect for events and outdoor use
  • Material: Reusable Plastic
  • Colour: White

Our disposable reusable bowls are made from high quality food grade plastic that is extremely strong and durable. The high quality build means that the bowls will not bend and break during regular use. Additionally, the robust nature of these trays offers a much safer alternative to traditional crockery that can smash or break if dropped.

Whether your establishment is putting on a special event or you regularly serve food that is taken outdoors. These disposable bowls will offer a superior disposable solution that your customers will love. These plastic bowls are a much more versatile alternative to other weak paper disposable solutions which can bend and become soggy. The strong high quality plastic will withstand the pressure of the use of a knife and fork with ease.

N.B. Prices can vary due to the price volatility and availability of raw materials used to produce this product.